Off Limits

The 2015 Map is being used for the 2016 Bass Classic

  1. Stephensville Area:
    Doiron’s Canal, Subdivision Canal that is adjacent to Doiron’s Canal and Subdivision Canal on the south side of Doiron’s subdivision and accessed through the main Bayou.
    The Ponds located behind Skully’s Restaurant
  2. Belle River Area:
    All ponds located along Belle River located South of Adams Landing to Bayou Milhomme.
  3. Lake Verret Area:`
    Bayou Tranquille
  4. Bayou Black Area:
    All of Bayou Black is off limits.
    The defining Boundary is as follows:
    South of Highway 90 starting at the Amelia Bridge moving West to Bayou Shaffer then South on Bayou Shaffer to the Atchafalaya River South to the Gulf of Mexico. All waters South and East of that line is off limits.
    Map is provide to clarify.
  5. Wax Lake, Bateman Area:
    Avoca Island
    All gated canals whether they are open or closed

Any of the above off limits rules that are broken will mean disqualification. It is also your responsibility to report to the tournament director any rule violations. This must be done in the form of a written protest.
Thank you for your cooperation and for fishing Children's Hospital Bass Classic!

Download the Off Limits Map (PDF).